A Personal Message

I help people just like you become unstoppable by using fitness as a tool to take control of how you think, what you eat, and the way you move.

As someone who almost died of a one-in-a-million tumor the size of a pear at the age of fourteen; was thrown out of high school just a few years later; struggled with severe depression and weight issues; and subsequently ended up in rehab for substance abuse, I’m lucky to be alive to say the least!

That I emerged from this history to graduate magna cum laude from a top university (as a Founder’s Day Scholar, to boot!), launch a successful career, first in entertainment marketing, and then, following my heart and passion, in health and fitness, feels nothing short of a miracle.

Not a biblical miracle, but more so the “every day” kind that often evades our perception. These “miracles,” to me at least, are nothing more than God/a Higher Power/the Universe giving us the opportunity to make use of naturally existing, readily available resources in and around us, that ultimately change our life’s course or the course of others’ lives.

Jeff Halevy saved my life. That may sound dramatic, but it’s true.
– Jason Crombie

In this sense, I strive to be a “miracle worker.” In case you’re reading this too quickly, or skimming, I do not mean walking on water or parting any sea! I do however mean helping people find the resources in and around them to help them change the course of their lives; to provide hope, to provide a means for change, to help them lead healthy and happy lives – to help a human being become the person they know they can be.

In daily practice, this translates to working with folks who need “every day miracles,” from the extremes of the obese, depressed and addicted; to those with challenging lives who may need restoration, balance and power; to larger-scale efforts in support of public health.

Jeff has a fantastic understanding of the human body. He can shape any body into a beautiful, efficient machine.
– Fabrice Herrault

Having been to hell and back, I know what darkness is. I was fortunate enough to emerge into the light. I feel it is my life’s duty to help others do the same.

My success, as they say, “left clues” – and it is these clues, coupled with a working knowledge of behavioral health and exercise science that I use to help transform lives.

When I started with Jeff I was (barely) squeezing into a size 16. Long story short, I dropped down to a size 8 in just 9 months, and am now down to a size 6! Jeff, you changed my life beyond just looking and feeling great.
– Marylin Rubero

We all would like to have things a little better, and whether your needs are drastic or perhaps less extreme, I would be honored to help you on your journey to health and happiness.

(…and yes, I’m also an extremely skilled personal trainer who can just get you into amazing shape!)

So what makes me so different from every other health and fitness professional out there?

I help people like you become UNSTOPPABLE by using fitness as a tool to take control of how you think, what you eat, and the way you move.

Aside from a background in both behavioral health and exercise science, a true mind-body approach, my answer, with both humility and candor, is…I actually know what I’m doing! But don’t take my word for it; ask my clients.

Deciding to train with Jeff ranks as one of the best decisions that I’ve made!
– Frances Duggan

Whether I work with a client on behavioral health and addictions; mild yet frustrating conditions like back pain, fatigue, and stubborn fat; or aesthetic goals, like getting big screen ready, I get predictable, repeatable results because I use an ever-evolving system that works.

I have acquired a wealth of both formal and hands-on education in demanding environments, which gets its real juice from my own personal life experience.

My passion and emotional commitment to my clients, particularly as someone who has, on several fronts, fought the good fight himself, creates an atmosphere where goals are not only met, but regularly exceeded.

The numbers speak for themselves: 267 to 189: 78 pounds lost – and God knows how much muscle gained! – on a 5′ 11″ frame. And that’s just the ‘external’ benefit; with his highly motivational and transformative approach, Jeff has gotten me into the best physical and mental shape of my life!
– Al Levine

It would be my honor to do the same for you. Please fill out the form below to get started.