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Let's Move! Childhood Obesity

Jeff Halevy shies away from the "fitness guru" title that various media outlets have bestowed on him over the past decade, and considers himself a student rather than a master. With that said, Jeff is a recognized expert as a "celebrity trainer," healthy lifestyle spokesman, and public heath advocate.

While much of Jeff's time is currently spent less so on the gym floor, in favor of his company's offices, Jeff cut his teeth as a highly sought after celebrity personal trainer in NYC, with clients ranging from Hollywood royalty to Wall Street royalty, and quite literally the Royal Family.

Jeff's passion for helping others achieve their health, performance and aesthetic goals through a scientifically sound fitness regimen led to work with

And even with time devoted to entrepreneurship and his television career, Jeff still finds time to work with a very small and exclusive roster of clients.

Jeff has worked with many brands on healthy living campaigns as a spokesman and influencer, including brands like Aflac, asics, and Dove.

Since 2009 Jeff has actively participated in both regional and national public health initiatives, most notably by being handpicked to join Michelle Obama's childhood obesity campaign, "Let's Move!" for which he created the most demonstrably effective technology-based program.

We're learning self-defense with Jeff Halevy of HalevyLife!

We're learning self-defense with Jeff Halevy of Halevy Life !

Posted by Health on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cory Booker, United States Senator (NJ)

"Jeff has made a life of giving people a more abundant life. [He] is a leader for me, and setting an example for me. Soon people won’t be able to tell us apart. [Jeff] you inspire me."