from Instagram:
…after a forced three week death march my orphaned grandfather was liberated 72 years ago today by American troops. While his birthday is a few weeks away (92nd!), he refers to today as his “Second Birthday” since he was so sure he was dead. But my grandfather was relentless. Even after being in both Auschwitz and Dachau he never gave up. Even marching to his death, he never stopped stepping. He went on to serve in the military and receive a letter of honor for rescuing children who were being incinerated alive after a getting stuck inside a bombed building. He came to America with nothing but the shirt on his back and through relentless optimism and work ethic, he made a nice life for himself, his children, grandchildren — and now even great grandchildren. I would never be the man I am without him. I am forever grateful. And I will #neverforget. 
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