Three Star Food Nutrition Label System is a JOKE!

The New York Times reports this morning on the proposed three star food nutrition label system. The system rates a food’s nutritiousness based on two factors: 1) whether foods are above or over 100 calories/serving and 2) whether foods contain added sugars, sodium and saturated or trans fats. The following image was used for illustration:

Makes sense, right? WRONG! This is a system that the food industry will take major advantage of. Here are just two ways (and God knows I’m not nearly as creative as the food industry):

1) Reduce serving size. Calories will instantly go down and the food’s rating will go up. And how many consumers really check labels for serving size before they eat anyway!?

2) Replace sugar with artificial sweeteners (a.k.a. POISONOUS CHEMICALS!). This will really drive a product’s rating up. Firstly, no more sugar. Bam. Secondly calories will also go down. Must be a healthy product right? Ughhhh!

You with me here? This system is a joke and, under the guise of clarifying nutrition for consumers, will surely deceive them!