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Manhattan, NY


I have always worked out – weight training, bikram yoga, jogging, you name it! BUT…I never got the results I wanted.

I didn’t want to bulk up. I just wanted to be lean.

I tried a ton of ballet inspired classes but these didn’t help me “tone” or get “lean” and “long.”

So what finally did it? My 4 months in Halevy Life’s SP training program. What do I love about it?

Well, for one, every single workout includes everything you need to be fit- cardio, flexibility, corrective exercises (helped my posture!), and strength training.

I also love how systematic everything is. I started with an orientation and movement screen so I could identify what needed to be corrected, as well as had the entire lean body science of the program explained to me as well…which was fascinating.

What else do I love? Even though the SP sessions are done in groups of 4, the entire program is customized and you get tons of personal attention.

This is not at all a chain gym experience and love the social aspect of making a new group of over fifty or so likeminded workout friends. There’s my two cents! 🙂