Hidden Positive Yelp Review – Halevy Life – 802 Lexington Ave – New York – 10065 – (212) 233-0633

Manhattan, NY


Halevy Life is a killer workout. I came from being a total loyalist at one of the big bootcamps in the city, where I was definitely seeing some results but not as much as I thought I should. While the workouts were intense, there was minimal personal attention and it was easy to sacrifice form in order to just keep up.

The semi-private sessions at HL are no more than 4 people, and the workouts are focused and precise, but somehow no less intense. I leave after an hour feeling almost as wiped out if not more so than I did from bootcamp.

Except here, I’ve seen incredible results, my form has improved greatly, my understanding not just of what I’m doing but why it works has totally changed, and I look forward to coming back. There is no intimidation factor here–Jeff, Matt, Courtney and the other trainers I’ve had are friendly and fun and totally encouraging. This is perfect for people both new and experienced, and the price is incredibly reasonable for what you get.

I highly recommended it 🙂