The ProFit Accelerator Mentorship

A 6-month live & online "power MBA" for health & fitness pros that want to grow

What's your plan?
What's stopping you?
What do you need to grow?

I hope all you personal trainers, physical therapists, and gym owners caught our webinar! If you didn't, watch it by clicking here.

During this webinar we uncovered the top 3 obstacles keeping you from getting to the next level with your business.

and of course...

the solutions!

We know it’s not a lack of passion or industry expertise holding you back.

It’s lack of business skill.

But it’s not your fault and I've got great news for you -

you DO NOT need $100,000 and a college degree to take your business to new levels.

You simply need the basic skills:
1. How to get customers (marketing, advertising, and online conversion)
2. How to know if you’re winning (basic financial literacy)
3. How to grow your business (strategy -- online and offline)


limited spots available

Enrollment ends 4/30/2018
Accelerator starts 5/1/2018

Meet your team

Jeff Halevy
Andrei Miclea
David Bentley

Are you wondering what makes us the right fit?

Each of us are experts in what we do so you're learning from the best.

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry and has been featured in Forbes, Inc., abc News, Rolling Stone and more.

Andrei is a online marketing giant that has taken companies from sinking to sailing in months.

David is an online strategy and website expert that has consulted with over 1000 clients around the world and been a guest speaker for Google.

How much would you pay to build a dream team like this for your business?

How serious are you?

It's worth 1 month of coffee to me

$277 per Month
  • Six live webinar modules from experts
  • 6
    15-minute 1-on-1 power calls
    with Jeff
  • 2
    30-minute 1-on-1 social media strategy
    with Andrei
  • 1
    1-hour of one-on-one website strategy
    with David
  • Private student community on Facebook
  • 24/7 ticket support with 48hr response

I'm f**king serious about success

$577 per Month
  • 6
    30-minute 1-on-1 power calls
    with Jeff
  • 60-MINUTE
    Financial review & books setup
    with Jeff and his team
  • 1
    Managed Facebook / Instagram campaigns
    with Andrei
  • LIVE
    2-hour website build
    with David

It's all or nothing!

$877 per Month
  • 6
    45-minute 1-on-1 power calls
    with Jeff
    Financial review & consultations as needed
    with Jeff and his team
  • 3
    Managed Facebook / Instagram campaigns
    with Andrei
    Site and SEO review
    with David
    Customized online automation strategy
    with David

1-on-1 power calls

You already know this, but whether it's just you, or a team of twenty, running a business can be stressful. And it's usually hardest to see things when you're in the weeds. You have probably even had those moments when you thought the weeds -- er, grass -- might be greener on the other side.

We've been there too!

1-on-1 power calls are your chance to recharge, refocus, and rev up your business operation.

Get time-tested insights and knowledge from Jeff -- tailored to you -- on how you can succeed in the health and fitness space:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Sales
  • Operations

Jeff mentors businesses of all types for the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) -- and consults many others.

Get the guidance you need to grow and make it to the next level!

Social media strategy

If you are like most health and fitness business owners, you have absolutely NO CLUE what you are SUPPOSE to be doing with social media.

You are not alone!

63% of business pages on Facebook are updated 1 or less times per week. This same number can pretty much be applied to other social accounts like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.

Learn how to plan and launch social media campaigns that revolve around your growth goals.

Website strategy

Let me ask you - 

How much traffic do you get visiting your website each day? What are they typing into searches to find you? What percentage of people are coming from social media, searches, or direct? Is your website truly optimized for mobile engagement? What is your bounce rate? Dwell time?

If your answer to the above questions is "I don't know"...

you're going to love this strategy call with David!

Private Facebook community

We're creating a place for you to network with some of the most motivated people in the industry.

Collaborate, partner-up, and build relationships that go beyond the accelerator.

Your mentorship team will also check in from time-to-time to give valuable tips, share knowledge, and answer questions.

Dedicated support

As you are implementing what you learn and questions come up, ask us!

Very few mentorship programs offer direct access to mentors on an as needed basis - we wanted this to be different.

Ask Jeff, Andrei, or David questions about any part of your business and we'll tell you what we know and/or steer you to the right resource for getting them answered.

M-F support ticket hours (please allow 24 hours for responses)

Financial review & books

Ever feel like you just aren't getting ahead?

Answer: Yes

If you look at your revenue and then your bank account and wonder where all that money is going, this will uncover that answer.

Not only will Jeff work with you to figure out where the money is going, but he'll give you advice for saving and spending smartly.

Make this year the best one yet!

Managed Facebook / Instagram

Watch what can happen when an expert takes over your social media accounts and runs a campaign for you.

Andrei will work his magic to create campaign assets and launch campaigns that actually see results. You'll get reports and insights into why campaigns are successful and how you can do the same on your own.

Live website build

Chances are - if you have a website, you're not getting much from it.

It isn't uncommon.

As a matter of fact, most health and fitness professionals that have a website report little to no traffic OR simply don't know what the results are.

Let's change that!

With the live website build you'll work with David 1-on-1 over live screen share.

He specializes in building high traffic, high converting websites that make it easy to have a steady flow of new leads.

Monthly site review SEO review

The most important thing you can do with any website is


This helps to understand what next steps should be taken to create more traffic or turn already existing traffic into value.

During the monthly site and SEO reviews, you'll jump on a 30-minute screen share call with David to look at the numbers and figure out what moves to make next.

Registration closes in

(unless we sell out first)

Welcome to the ProFit Accelerator Mentorship!

If you are committed to making 2018 the best year in business and you want the business dream team to help with advertising, marketing, web, and financial strategy... Let's do this!

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