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The ProFit Accelerator Webinar

A power hour webinar that shows you how to boost your sales by 30%

Health & Fitness Professionals: What is keeping you from succeeding the way you know and feel you can? A booming personal training or physical therapy practice -- or even your own studio, gym, or clinic?

I’ve had over 2,000 of you reach out to me over the years for help, so I know it’s not a lack of passion, or a lack of expertise as a health and fitness professional.

So what is it then?

It’s lack of business skill, and it’s not your fault.

You didn’t get into this to be the king of spreadsheets and financial statements; you’re a health and fitness professional because you have a passion for the human body, a passion for movement, and a passion to improve the lives of your clients and members.

Unfortunately, those passions without business skill will slowly bleed you dry and kill your career.

It’s no wonder that the personal trainer drop out rate is on average under 12 months and that 80% will fail within two years. Unless you own a studio or gym, you probably never considered yourself “a business” -- which means you have, at best, a 50% chance of staying afloat in your first year. (Don’t even bother looking up the depressing 5-year stats!)

But the solution is simple: learn business.

Slow down if you just started researching MBA programs!

You DO NOT need $100,000 of debt or to become an accounting or operations expert.

You do however need basic, foundational business skills:

  • How to get customers (marketing & advertising)
  • How to know if you’re winning (basic financial literacy)
  • How to grow (strategy -- online and offline)

It took me over 10 years -- and endless blood, sweat and tears -- just to get to the point I had clarity on these essential business skills. And trust me, despite winning a spot on the Inc 5000, growing a gym 468% over just 3 years (one year of which I lost my lease and had a homeless gym), and starting several other successful businesses -- I am not complaining, but I wish someone had taught me these skills sooner!

So this is why...

for the first time in my life, I want to share and teach others the skills, methods, techniques, and practices that have provided me huge success in business -- including access to my Social Media Advertising & Strategy Expert AND my SEO & Website Expert: Andrei Miclea and David Bentley.

Jeff Halevy
Andrei Miclea
David Bentley

What is the cost to attend the one-time webinar?

I spoke to Andrei and David for a while about this!

In the end, we decided to give our $500 hour-long live ProFit Accelerator webinar to every health and fitness professional away...

for free, no strings attached!

(It’s honestly just an hour of work for us talking about what we love, so I feel it’s the least I can to for a community of personal trainers, physical therapists, and gym owners who have supported me all these years.)

What you will get if you claim a spot

During the live ProFit Accelerator webinar you are going to learn how to:

  1. Read financial statements just as well as any Ivy League-educated accountant!
  2. Turn your website into a fully automated sales and lead generating machine!
  3. Turn your social media accounts into tools that makes you money and grow your business with very little time and money invested.

These 3 elements are designed to you help you grow your business by at least 30% in just the next year.

Why in the world should you listen to us?

Because everything is upside down and backward!

You know I'm right when I say -

"Everybody and their mother is pitching eBooks, webinars, and seminars these days".

It’s like the order of operations and logic have reversed: instead of successful people sharing what they know with others after the fact, we now have wantrepreneurs pitching their “Top 10 Secrets to Instagram Growth” ebook before they have 1000 followers.

You guys know what I’m talking about; in the fitness industry there are now more “coaches” than clients, and the same 4 generic pieces of content get rebranded and regurgitated over-and-over with a different cheap logo slapped on the front.

Trust me... the key to your success is not 52 pre-written newsletters!

If it was that simple every trainer would be a millionaire -- not struggling with a higher failure rate than Kim Jong Un for the Nobel Peace Prize.)

It’s time to stop f**king around guys.

The principles of business hardly ever change; they mature and evolve. In more biblical terms - there is nothing new under the sun.

So then why is it so damn difficult to find real and genuine teachers in this industry?

Because the want for money is greater than the desire to help others. This results in an industry saturated with people screaming for your attention, hoping to make a quick buck providing you dog sh*t in a Nutella jar.

It looks appealing (How to make $$$ on IG in 3 easy ways), but it will make you and your business sick (spending all your money on crappy ads and influencers).

Myself, David, and Andrei - we’ve been there.

Now, we’re at a point in our careers and in our lives where we want to give back and share our passion with others. But we’re not going to sell you a sh*tty ebook, we want to work with you and grow your business by at least 30%.

Some of you will watch our webinar and get a ton of value out of it: ideas and methods you can immediately apply to your own business/practice.

And others, who have likely been around the block -- and this is who we really want to work with -- will have an instant gut feeling that “these guys have actually done this, succeeded, and can help me…I want to learn more!” (Remember: Success leaves clues.)

Whichever one you are, we are thankful to be able to share our passion with you. Stay strong and win big friends.


Live: March 26 (mon) @ 11:30am (NY time)
limited spots available

What if I can't attend?

If you register and can't attend the live event, No problem! I'll send the recording straight to your email.