BJ Fogg Persuasion Boot Camp in NYC!

From NearSay:

Smoking, exercise, healthy eating: all subjects that weigh heavily on our minds as “Resolution Season” fast approaches. But what if there were a way to “hack” behavior altogether, and bypass the inevitable failure of New Year’s Resolutions, and frequent attempts to change your behavior…and even other’s behavior?

Fortune Magazine

Enter behavior design guru, Dr. B.J. Fogg, named by Fortune Magazine as the #1 “New Guru You Should Know.” Fogg, perhaps the greatest innovator of our time in the area of human behavior, gained international recognition for founding the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University, as well as for his influence on both individuals and businesses in the area of behavior change.

What makes Fogg so darn interesting is that his behavior change models don’t exist in a textbook theoretical never-land; they exist in real life. They are tangible, applicable methods to create very real change. (If Tony Robbins has turned you off or let you down, KEEP READING!)

Just ask New York City public health advocate and gym owner Jeff Halevy. Halevy, known not only for his roster of A-list celebrity and foreign dignitary clients, and runaway success as a business owner, but also for his uber-passionate public health advocacy, was asked to join Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign last year by it’s co-chair, Newark Mayor, Cory Booker. Halevy’s task: get Newark adolescents moving. Easier said than done in a city where childhood obesity is at an exponentially higher rate than anywhere else in the country. Halevy turned to B.J. Fogg’s models for behavior change, applying them en masse, and with great success.

The result: 1,500 students moved an incremental 1,500,000 minutes in just 11 weeks (that’s three year’s worth of non-stop activity).

Halevy’s success not only earned him a pat on the back from Mayor Booker, but ultimately resulted in an invite to the White House, where he was asked to expand his program, Our Power, nationally.

Shortly thereafter Halevy reached out to Fogg via Twitter. “I just had to tell B.J. what a stud he is!” explains Halevy. The two struck up a correspondence, which set Halevy on a quest to bring Fogg to New York to hold one of his always-sold-out seminars, Persuasion Boot Camp.

Persuasion Boot Camp is taught in “a private group setting for two days of intensive (but fun) training in creating ways to change people’s behavior” according to Fogg. It is based on Fogg’s “Stanford courses and industry innovation” on Behavior Design. Fogg’s methods “give you practical tools that fit together — [a] system that makes sense…[and] includes how to change behavior by leveraging the power of technology (web, mobile, social networks, video, and so on).”

Shockingly, Fogg’s method downplays motivation — now you’ve got my ear, B.J.!

Halevy will host Persuasion Boot Camp at Halevy Life’s flagship New York City location the weekend of October 20th and 21st. The intimate, “roll-your-sleeves-up-style” seminar has a strict limit of no more than 12 attendees. Those interested in changing their behaviors, or their customers’ or clients’ behaviors once and for all, using sound, scientific, field-tested methods should enroll here: B.J. Fogg’s Persuasion Boot Camp at Halevy Life