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The Biggest Threat to Your Health

I recently found myself in a Twitter-debate-gone-bad with a garden variety personal trainer, referred to herein as GVPT, who labels herself a “fitness expert” for a few major-brand health magazines (though she is not listed as such on said publications’ websites). That being said, GVPT does have a “name” in the business, whatever that’s worth,…

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My Christmas Gift for You!

I’m usually “all business,” but this time of year is about FUN! So you want your gift, huh? 🙂 Tweet me why you “deserve” (over all others) to train with me and I will:   Do an entire assessment and training session with you at Halevy Life Design a custom exercise program for you Create…

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Get Lean with Luggage (ABC Segment with Jeff Halevy)

NEW YORK (WABC) — As people try to stay trim this holiday season, fitness expert Jeff Halevy joined us to show how to stay lean with luggage. Halevy has joined Newark Mayor Cory Booker and First Lady Michelle Obama in the ‘Our Power’ and ‘Let’s Move’ campaigns. Halevy created Our Power, a technology-based childhood obesity…

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