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These Three Things Will Kill Your Gym Results

Gym FailI’ve been in the fitness industry for ten years now and I’vel earned a lot, un-learned a lot, and I am still learning.

But there are certain things that I believe will sabotage your results at the gym — besides that bacon double-cheeseburger.

I captured these three big no-no’s in a series for US News & World Report. Here are all three installations:




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New Three-Part Exercise Series for U.S. News & World Report (Day Three)

Gym FailCheck out the final installment, Part 3, of my new three-part series for U.S. News & World Report: “Are You Guilty of These Gym Results Wreckers?”

Yesterday’s post covered doing too little at the gym…but that doesn’t necessarily mean skimping on your workout; it may even include some of the high intensity interval training we’ve all grown to love and *cough* Crossfit *cough*.

Today, as if the gif wasn’t enough of a hint, it’s doing stupid things.


(And of course I don’t mean anything you’re doing!) :)



Ride the Bus, Get Ripped

fat bus

Oh the lovely sights and smells of a morning commute on public transportation! But who would’ve thought that bus ride might actually shrink your belly? Well, science says so. Read more about it in my latest article for US News and World Report.