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Slim in the Gym: 8 Ways to Use a Weight Bench

-From Self.com

The trainer: Jeff Halevy, CEO of Halevy Life in New York City, created this one-stop shape-up just for SELF.

You’ll need: A flat weight bench and acute new sports bra. (Not really—we’re just giving you permission to shop!)

The plan: Squeeze in some presculpting sweat. Halevy recommends fat-blasting intervals: Warm up for 5 minutes at a no-sweat pace on your cardio machine of choice. Next, sprint all out for 30 seconds; slow down for 1 minute to recover. Repeat (minus warm-up) six times, for a total of 9 minutes. On to toning: Do two sets of the given reps of each exercise two times a week on alternate days.

See the exercises HERE

I admit it…I did a centerfold!

And here it is:

Jeff Halevy Halevy Life

Jeff Halevy and Halevy Life in The New York Daily News on May 6th 2012 - photos taken at Halevy Life 802 Lexington New York NY 10065

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Halevy Life-Jeff Halevy-Fat Loss-New York Daily News-May 6th 2012

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