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Six Months To A Six Pack: Healthy At Home Tips

As part of TODAY’s “6 Months to a 6-Pack” challenge, nutritionist Joy Bauer and fitness trainer Jeff Halevy join TODAY to test some participants’ food and fitness smarts. Watch today’s 5th installment of the popular new series!

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Jeff Halevy on The TODAY Show: "Six Months To A Six Pack"

Today marked the second installment of The TODAY Show’s “Six Months To A Six Pack,” with Jeff Halevy making his second appearance this month as a new Contributor to the show. Halevy once again joined TODAY’s resident nutritionist, Joy Bauer, as the duo weighed in with tips to help the “Six Months To A Six Pack”…

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Jeff Halevy Joins TODAY Show

Today was a big day on TODAY with Behavioral Health and Fitness Expert Jeff Halevy joining the award-winning morning show and making his debut as a Contributor. Halevy will appear on TODAY regularly over the next six months, alongside TODAY Show nutritionist Joy Bauer, as part of TODAY’s  “Six Months to A Six-Pack.” Visit…

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