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The Guaranteed Results Workout (Free Plan)

Womens-Health-UK-May-2015_Jeff-Halevy_Fitness-GuaranteedA few months ago I got a call from across the pond (no, not New Jersey). London was calling: After Halevy Life was featured twice in a row in Daily Mail (UK), Women’s Heath UK wanted to dig in to just how we get the results at Halevy Life that allow us to offer “Fitness Guaranteed” — the only results-guaranteed-or-your-money-back offer of its kind in the industry.


While I wasn’t able to give away the whole kit and caboodle, I did provide a pretty kick-ass, magazine friendly version of what a Halevy Life client might go through.

The editors at Women’s Health were so intrigued that they tried it themselves, and…

They lost an average of 11lbs of fat!


For a limited time you can try the workout yourself HERE or for a more customized approach, contact me for online fitness and fat loss coaching.

As always, hit me up on Twitter with any feedback or questions! @jeffhalevy