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Have back pain? Try this.

I recently threw a quick compilation of some very basic t-spine (thoracic spine) and hip mobility drills, that I had actually shot for a client with chronic back pain, up on Instagram. In my opinion, the basics should be the base of any program. Fancy, exotic stuff is fun…but like that fancy, exotic one-nighter you…

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Your Butt To The Maximus (Redux, Part 1)

Last week I posted a short blog entry that highlighted the two best exercises for your butt in an easy-to-understand infographic. Due to the overwhelming number of requests for a follow up piece…here ya go! [VIDEO]

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What's The Best Exercise For Your Butt?

Face it, we all want buns of steel…well, at least buns like an unripe avocado — right? The problem is, when it comes to exercise selection to sculpt the perfect derriere, most of us often miss the mark. Here is everything you need to know when it comes to targeting the glutes through exercise in…

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