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Jeff Halevy Voted #2 Of 20 The Best Fitness Experts Worth Following On Twitter!

What an honor! Huffington Post just voted me #2 on their “20 Of The Best Fitness Experts Worth Following On Twitter” list!

Hacking Human Behavior in Under Two Minutes

This past weekend Halevy Life hosted the first ever New York City “Persuasion Boot Camp,” created and conducted by the esteemed guru of human behavior, Dr. BJ Fogg.

Here’s what you missed! (including how to explain the recipe for all behavior in under two minutes!)

The Key to Limitless Exercise Success: Limit Yourself

Check out my latest for Huffington Post HERE

Jeff Halevy: “The Key to Limitless Exercise Success: Limit Yourself” (Huffington Post)

Jeff Halevy Speaks Out Against the Soda Ban

As a follow-up to my Huffington Post article on NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Soda Ban, I made an appearance on Fox 5 Reporter Lisa Evers’s radio show to discuss why I am, surprisingly enough, AGAINST the ban. Find out why:

Eating eggs is as bad as smoking? (Jeff Halevy, Halevy Life 802 Lexington Ave New York, NY 10065 | 212-233-0633)

Watch my Latest Huffington Post video blog by clicking on the image below:

A Very Sneaky Trick to Exercising & Eating Healthy Daily

If you think your dog is a Pavlovian slave to habit, look in the mirror buddy! The good news is that you can use your existing, receptive, dull routine as a shortcut/”hack” to new healthy habits. Here’s how: HEALTHY HABIT SHORTCUT (My latest Huff Post piece)

The Trick to Toning ANY Body Part

Haven’t you always been curious what the trick is to toning even the most stubbornly fat areas? Check out my latest Huffington Post article to learn how! The Trick to Toning ANY Body Part by Jeff Halevy (Huffington Post)


What really works for weight loss

Research seems to often support common sense, but did it do so in this latest study on effective weight loss methods? Read my new Huffington Post piece HERE