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The Ultimate Fitness Video Guide: Get Fit & Stay In Shape with Jeff Halevy

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Halevy Life Boston Fundraiser Announced for Thursday April 25th 2013

I’m just getting back from an extended trip that started with a visit to Boston the day after the terrible tragedy there. I have some very important updated details for next week’s event (Thursday, 4/25 from 6:30-latewhich is now also a fund-raiser for those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing (my thoughts on the matter HERE).

Firstly, if you are coming, or planning on coming, and have not yet RSVP’d please do so IMMEDIATELY. (RSVP HERE) We are already over capacity, and our hired security will not let you in unless your name is on the list – seriously, period, exclamation mark…no winky face.

Secondly, as I mentioned that this is now a fund-raiser, I simultaneously do not care about being over capacity; I care about raising money for those who need it — as our team brilliantly did with the $5,000+ it raised for Hurricane Sandy victims.  So please INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS. Admission will be a $1 donation at the door, but feel free to give more if you so choose. 100% of the money raised will go to:

1) One Boston Fund

2) Boston Children’s Hospital

3) Mass General Hospital

Please RSVP NOW by clicking here 

Lastly, yes, we will still be partying and having a good time — and I am excited to celebrate an incredibly rewarding year together! My TV show Workout From Within’s first season still debuts that night, and we will have an exclusive screening for our guests…including a special appearance by the show’s host! (Check out his recent appearance on Good Day Chicago HERE)

Jeff Halevy Host of
Jeff Halevy Host of “Workout from Within” on Good Day Chicago


The details on next week:

Date: Thursday, 4/25
Time: 6:30pm-late; Screening at 7:30pm
Place: Halevy Life (802 Lexington @ 62nd; enter on 62nd)
Attire: Clothing suggested, though nudity will not be discouraged

I look forward to seeing you next week and please, please, please bring friends and let’s raise some BIG $$$ together for our friends up in Boston!  Please RSVP NOW by clicking here

Yours in health,
Jeff Halevy

Sneak Peek of My TV Show, Workout From Within!

It’s here…a sneak peek of my new TV show Workout From Within, which starts airing on April 25th 2013 on Veria!

Workout From Within with Jeff Halevy IMDB Page!

How cool! The IMDB page for my show, which is set to debut April 25th 2013 on Veria LIving is up. Please check it out and “Like” it! :)

Workout From Within on IMDB (Jeff Halevy)

I came close to fighting a real life ninja on my TV show today!

….well, not really; his haircut was too awesome — and so was his name: Jeff! :)