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Watch Public Health Activist Jeff Halevy Live Tonight at 7pm EST Discussing Sandy's Aftermath on CBC

Watch the live CBC Broadcast “The Aftermath of Sandy” at 7pm EST tonight, 11/1/12, here:

From CBC:

“With more than 60 people reported dead and billions of dollars in damage done, post-tropcial cyclone Sandy is being called the most devastating storm to hit the U.S. East Coast in decades.

Thousands are still displaced from their waterlogged homes, and many of the millions who lost power due to the storm are still in the dark.

Officials say that rebuilding the hardest-hit communities could take a very long time, but as sunshine washed over New York City today for the first time in days, rebuilding efforts had already started.

Thursday at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT on CBC Your News Live Online, we’ll be talking to some of those who lived through the storm, are now struggling with the aftermath, and are working to help others who have been affected in whatever ways they can.

Our guests will be joining host Lauren O’Neil via webcam to chat with CBC community members about their experiences with the Frankenstorm. Please join us with your thoughts, opinions and questions.”