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Jeff Halevy’s top tips to getting trim & slim (New York Daily News)

From today’s print and online New York Daily News, my tips to getting trim & slim in 2013!

The Key to Limitless Exercise Success: Limit Yourself

Check out my latest for Huffington Post HERE

Jeff Halevy: “The Key to Limitless Exercise Success: Limit Yourself” (Huffington Post)

We Got High! Hypoxico Helps Me Prep Actor Ben Foster for His Next Film at Halevy Life

We got HIGH! Thanks to Hypoxico for helping me and the Halevy Life team get amazing actor Ben Foster (3:10 to Yuma, The Messenger, The Mechanic, X-Men) get ready for his next movie, Lone Survivor, which films at high altitude.

I admit it…I did a centerfold!

And here it is:

Jeff Halevy Halevy Life

Jeff Halevy and Halevy Life in The New York Daily News on May 6th 2012 - photos taken at Halevy Life 802 Lexington New York NY 10065

The Basics Get You Beach Ready! (New York Daily News)

Did you catch our great 2-page feature in the New York Daily News, which explained how to use total body workouts and a few nutritional tips to maximize fast fat loss? Read more HERE

Halevy Life-Jeff Halevy-Fat Loss-New York Daily News-May 6th 2012