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New Season of Workout From Within with Jeff Halevy Announced for Jan 5th 2015 on Z Living (Veria)


In case you missed me…a brand new season of Workout from Within with Jeff Halevy was announced today. The season premiere is on January 5th at 8am (so flip over there for half an hour, then you can go back to The Today Show). On the season premiere, “Heart Rate Reboot,” I’ll be talking all about heart health with guests celebrity trainer Lacey Stone and healthy-eating advocate Alexandra Jamieson.

Getting over addiction, depression, illness, and financial ruin

Watch this guest spot on my network’s show “Over The Hump” where I give up the details on my past and getting over addiction, depression, illness, and financial ruin:

Sneak Peek of My TV Show, Workout From Within!

It’s here…a sneak peek of my new TV show Workout From Within, which starts airing on April 25th 2013 on Veria!

Workout From Within with Jeff Halevy IMDB Page!

How cool! The IMDB page for my show, which is set to debut April 25th 2013 on Veria LIving is up. Please check it out and “Like” it! :)

Workout From Within on IMDB (Jeff Halevy)

I came close to fighting a real life ninja on my TV show today!

….well, not really; his haircut was too awesome — and so was his name: Jeff! :)

Someone spilled the beans about my TV Show…

Luckily enough, it wasn’t me! But yes, total sweetheart Noelle McKenzie, a guest on my show blogged about it….and what a flattering blog post it was!