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Pretty Cool New Article on Halevy Life

This just came across my plate: Gym Owner & His Gym Are Both “Runaway” Successes It talks a bit about my attempt to be a “super-hero,” but not sure I agree with that — except for the desire to be a business one! (And in reality, give me a break — how many high school…

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My Quarter Life Chaos (Halevy Life)

Great blog post from Monica Woronick on Halevy Life: My Quarter Life Chaos In my effort to experience new fitness programs in NYC I came across Halevy Life.  Halevy Life is a boutique gym in the Upper East Side.  I know the word “boutique” can sometimes be scary when it comes to the fitness world.  It…

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The Gym is Packed… What Do You Do?

We’ve all been there. The piece of equipment we need is taken or the gym is just too packed to get anything done. After watching this video, you’ll have the sneaky answer — an overlooked, highly versatile piece of equipment…and it’s probably not what you think!  

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