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Here’s why your plan sucks. ⤵️ – Whether it’s a business plan or fitness plan — really any type of plan — there are 3 common critical flaws… ❌❌❌ – 1. You’ve really thought it through (and that’s it). How many publicly traded companies run strategies that exist nowhere but the ether? How many rely on strategies and tactics that don’t take written P&L and cash flow projections? How many Olympic athletes don’t have clearly written programming? Write they 💩 down! Magic happens when you put words on a page. – 2. You’re more optimistic than a dieter on New Year’s Day. No need to be pessimistic, but consider best case scenarios a gift — not given. Plan for the worst, hope for the best, and know you’ll likely end up somewhere in the middle. Not recognizing worst case scenarios will leave you realizing that Sh*t Creek sucks, sucks worse without a paddle, and even worse when you don’t have a map to navigate out. 🧭 – 3. You have absolutely no way to reliably measure it. Are we profitable? Is that profit cash? (Oh waitttt…there’s a difference?) And sometimes measurement systems are highly flawed — remember when you just started lifting and your squat nearly doubled each month, so by now you should be squatting 10,000lbs or more? Exactly. The key is *reliably* measuring. 🌡 – Yes, planning can be more boring than watching someone read their PowerPoint slides word for word…but the results can be exciting AF! 🔥🔥🔥

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