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How do I win more business? How do I stand out in a crowded marketplace? How do I get out of debt and get in the black? – One word answer: BELIEF. – Before you pounce on me for spewing more Instagram-friendly woo-woo BS, just hear me out. – I have seen some of the best laid plans fail from nothing more than self-doubt. – Self-doubt isn’t fear. No, no, no, no, no. Fear is a natural response to something we believe may harm us. If you’re never afraid, you’re not human. – Self-doubt also isn’t cockeyed optimism. Just believing in yourself with a crap game plan — a la The Secret — is a recipe for definite misery. – Self-doubt is not cognitive either. Two different people can have the same set of circumstances, but one sees a path to a win, the other a path to a loss. – Self-doubt, in my humble opinion, is entirely spiritual. It has very little do with pop psychology explanations and more to do with your “WHY.” – Self-doubt comes from either not having a Why or having a weak Why. – True confidence, the opposite of self-doubt, doesn’t stem from bravado, “fearlessness (no such thing), or having the right genes. Confidences comes from having the “right” Why. Period. – The book I’m pointing to was one of my favorite books growing up. The moral of the story. It tells the story of Louis Pasteur and his search for an “invisible enemy” — which elicited nothing but mockery. But his Why, saving lives, was so strong that he proceeded to do so in ways that still save lives to this very day. (Sorry anti-vaxxers! 😂) – So what do you do when you feel self-doubt? Don’t drum up fake courage or use The Secret. Get zeroed back in on your Why. Know your Why. Live your Why. Your Why is what lives on. Your Why is your legacy. Your Why is why you’re here. 👊 – Thanks for listening to my rambling. I am purposely going back to edit this. I hope this helps and please drop a comment if you agree! (And even if you don’t 🙃) – You never know who your comment might help!

How do I win more ...
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